Boba Marines Shoots Down Mineski.Globe
BY Wilcke - July 13, 2015

Mineski.Globe had a difficult time keeping up with one of Vietnam’s top teams last week in the Garena Premier League 2015 Summer. It was expected to be a face-off between eXo and Optimus in the bottom lane, but Boba Marines says “nope” as they completely destroyed Mineski with their unorthodox strategies. The matches last week resulted in a 2-0 in favor of Boba Marines.



Mineski went for a very tanky lineup capable of setting up unsuspecting enemies into a forced teamfight. On the other hand, Boba Marines opted for a champion lineup that lacks heavy crowd control and can only rely on Vayne to take out the tanks - and that’s exactly what happened.


Boba Marines decided to have Optimus and Junie take the top lane while Archie temporarily helps out Tik in the jungle, giving eXo and Kaigu some time to farm. After their duo jungler scored first blood, Archie teleported to the bottom lane while Tik signaled the two for a three-man gank against TGEE. Kulit was a step too late to protect TGEE and was also taken out, giving Optimus the third kill within the first 5 minutes of game one.

As Mineski kept making bad plays during skirmishes, Optimus got fed to the point that he could easily take down 2 or 3 champions and survive the clash. It turns out that Boba Marines has better map control, especially at Mineski’s side of the jungle. Thus, they were able to respond right away when anyone from Mineski carelessly roamed their own jungle. Game one ended at 24:20 with Boba Marines overpowering Mineski in their own base with the help of the Baron buff.



After learning their lesson from the first game, Mineski picked Gragas for themselves, leaving Rek’Sai open for Boba Marines. They still insisted on keeping Shen and Nautilus in their lineup, except that they’ll be switching roles this time. Boba Marines also kept Vayne and Thresh as well as picking Fizz and Irelia with the intention of taking out Twitch during teamfights.


As soon as Junie catches TGEE with Death Sentence (Q), the latter flashes out to the safety of his tower, but that doesn’t stop Optimus from scoring first blood. Optimus earning the first kill in game two seems to have been a bad omen for Mineski.

In this game, 3 out of 5 dragon buffs were all taken by Mineski, giving them a bit of advantage against Boba Marines. Unfortunately, Boba Marines was able to force Mineski to engage in a teamfight whenever Mineski fell short in numbers. This always placed eXo in a bad position to retaliate. Even though Gragas stole the Baron buff during Boba Marines’ second attempt to secure the buff for themselves, he was slain as soon as four of them got him surrounded. To make matters worse, Mineski’s attempt to get their fourth dragon turned into another messy skirmish that led to their defeat. During that final clash, Optimus and Archie annihilated the whole team, and then proceeded to shoot down Mineski’s middle inhibitor, two Nexus turrets, and Mineski’s hope for a comeback.


Despite the loss, Mineski has shown Boba Marines that Mineski isn’t one of the Philippines’ top teams for nothing. This defeat does, however, net them zero points for week three. Will they be able to load up the artillery for a comeback in week four? Find out this Wednesday!

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