Imperium Pro Team and Saigon Fantastic Five Hold Off at a Draw
BY Lyssana - July 15, 2015

Last week, we watched as all three of our Philippine teams took on the biggest names in the Garena Premier League 2015 Summer. Imperium Pro Team answered the challenge by holding off the legendary Saigon Fantastic Five at a draw.


Without much history between them to go by, both teams pick and ban from ground zero. Saigon Fantastic 5 take champions who can counter their composition out of play and sit on some comfort picks. On the other hand, Imperium Pro Team opts for standard meta bans, including the problematic AP Runeglaive Ezreal. Then, they decide to field an AD roster.


As soon as they get into the game, Saigon Fantastic Five places a bounty on H4T3’s head and they take him out for first blood then, they proceed to gang up on him twice under his turret. The lane swap gave Kupzzzzz a strong start and, while it simultaneously placed H4T3 in a precarious position, he made sure to take down his enemies with him in cold blood.

Although the early game kill and dragon lead seemed to tip the scales in favor of IPT, SF5 strategically compensated by maintaining a gold lead through the global gold from turrets. In addition, after a teamfight goes awry for IPT, SF5 gains even footing on the scoreboard at 8-8. From then on, it was simply a matter of biding their time to capitalize on the mistakes of the already shaken up IPT. Ultimately confident of their success, they charge through the front door of IPT and take their enemies out one by one to secure victory by the 27th minute.



After a battle that could have gone both ways, neither of the teams plan to let their guards down now. Imperium Pro Team cuts off Saigon Fantastic Five’s fangs with bans on both Kalista and Fizz, again topping off with an Ezreal ban. Then, they secure their favorite protect-the-Vayne composition. SF5 comes off completely calm with some standard bans here and there and bring out the magic with their picks.


Much like game one, IPT begins with a no holds barred type of gameplay that enables Suez to take first blood. As if to further their point, a 3-for-3 clash erupts at mid lane with two kills secured by Poysanity, the last man to go down. A few minutes after, Sena and Row stubbornly make another murderous attempt on H4T3 with a bold turret dive. Chuckling at their refusal to learn their lesson, H4T3 hauls them both with him to hell.

With much to takeaway from their pitfalls in game one, IPT patiently works on a slow but steady advantage against SF5. The tide turns after 20 minutes when Suez hits a triple on top of H4T3’s double, effectively marking an ace for the team. They proceed to work on minimizing mistakes and slowly but surely, win the game. This triumph brings both teams to a draw.



Both Imperium Pro Team and Saigon Fantastic Five now stand second to ASUS ImbaFate in Group B of Group Stage 1 of the Garena Premier League 2015 Summer. This week’s set of games need both Philippine teams, IPT and GameX.Wargods, to level up and secure a clean sweep if we ever hope of seeing them finish at the top two of their group and head to Vietnam for the next stage.

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