eSports 101: Jumpstart Your Jargon
BY GG Aika - July 25, 2015

Welcome, Summoners!

If you seek enlightenment, you have come to the right place. This is the first in what will be a series of educational content designed to bring you closer to the heart of eSports. We hope that with these, we will be able to help clip the learning curve for the majority and aid them in developing their taste for eSports.

After all, it hasn’t been too long ago when I myself was sitting in front of a screen, watching the All-Stars matches wide-eyed and excited. Back then, I couldn’t keep up with the constant outpour of knowledge and almost everything the analysts said flew over my head. However, with constant exposure I gradually grasped the concepts, but it definitely wouldn’t have hurt if I had some notes to speed up the process.


This is the big picture of the game at present time. It refers to the conditions of competitive play that have been created thanks to the recent patches and the predominant playstyles utilized by professionals in the scene.

For example, did you know that there was a time when laning roles were not clearly defined? In NA, they ran a solo carry bot lane. While in EU, they started to run adc + support pairs. Then, when EU dominated season 1 Worlds, the rest of the scene followed suit and it became the new meta.


The mix of champions your team chooses to play with. In competitive arenas, compositions are heavily influenced by the meta and the strategies teams want to employ. While one team may feel strong coming in with a poke comp, another might prefer a pick comp instead.


The sequence by which teams select champions for their team. Priority picks or first picks are determined by the team’s strategy. They may opt to secure strong or essential champions for their composition. They may also choose to pick a champion that doesn’t reveal too much about their strategy. This way they can minimize the enemy team’s options for counter picking.


This is a tactic used to target your opponent’s weaknesses and make sure that you eliminate any clear advantages his champion has over yours. If the enemy scales well into late game, it is advisable to pick strong early game champions to shut him down and end things as soon as you can. If your lane opponents have strong engage, then it would be good to pick up champions with a disengage-oriented kit.


This is a champion that a particular player has been consistently strong on. It is usually the target for bans especially when it belongs to the team’s carry. Leaving this open for your opponent without a plan to counter it will most likely spell trouble for your team (and a happy victory dance for said opponent).