7 Signs Your Duo Partner is for Keeps
BY GG Aika - July 30, 2015

Solo queue sadness getting you down, Summoner?

Surely it isn't the end of the world but neither is it a walk in the park. This is why most of us tend to reach out to our friends, often sweet talking them into braving the beast that is Ranked Queue with us. Unfortunately, simply pulling a person along with you may not be the best course of action. Friendships sometimes strain under a bad game and it’s important that we understand the necessary elements for picking out the right partners for the job.

  1. Your duo partner complements you.

The more things you can do together, the better. Don’t get stuck with someone who can only do the same things you do. For example, if you’re a support main, don’t duo with your ‘support or feed’ friend. Take it from Graves and Twisted Fate, pair your raw mechanical skill with strategic shotcalling that your duo partner can provide. If you are a ballistic cannon who likes to go in too deep to rack up kills, then you probably need someone patient and brave enough to go in with you and keep you alive long enough to secure those kills.

  1. Your duo partner respects you.

Going in, it’s important that your partner does not secretly look down on you. It’s a given that there may be differences in skill level between you two but both parties have to be respectful of each other. This means that you both acknowledge the hard work that each of you have put in to get where you are. This also means that you have to be worthy of the respect. Follow the Summoner’s Code and sincerely put in the effort to improve. In addition, don’t let your duo berate or demean you in any way. If you find yourself taking offense, speak up as these little things will adversely affect your in-game performance.

  1. Your duo partner works together with you.

It’s probably safe to say that people Duo Queue mainly because it’s inherently difficult to coordinate with four strangers in-game. Therefore, at the very least, you and your duo partner ought to be on the same page. This is achieved with proper communication through a combination of smart pings, text, and voice chat. These allow you to respond to each other’s calls for objectives and move the game in a unified direction. Otherwise, if your duo is ignoring you to solo carry the game, you’re probably better off in Solo Queue.

  1. Your duo partner brings out your best.

At the end of it all, your partnership should do some good, right? This venture should help you improve and make you a stronger player, either through encouragement or even direct coaching. If it’s only bringing out feelings of inferiority and making you tilt, then back to searching you go.

  1. Your duo partner is a good sport.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to partner up with someone who has a good attitude. Flaming doesn’t help anyone. Even if your partner joins in to defend you, all it does is amp up the toxicity and break the team apart. Instead, you and your duo should be the semblance of sanity that every team needs in Ranked Queue. This means accepting mistakes and taking your losses like a good summoner.

  1. Your duo understands your goals and limitations.

What are your goals going into Ranked? Of course, winning is a given goal when you want to climb but what do you ultimately want to get out of your sessions with your duo partner? Do you want to accustom yourself to supporting high tier ADR’s? Do you want to focus fights on mid lane and ram through it with your mid+jungle combination? Make sure your partner knows the things you want to achieve and the things you cannot do just yet. This allows both of you to play with a more realistic strategy in mind and keeps one from sending the other alone to die contesting a dragon.

  1. Your duo partner enjoys playing with you.

This is probably one of the top considerations that will make for a lasting partnership. Whether you guys are winning or losing shouldn’t shake your desire to keep playing with this person. The bottomline is that you enjoy partnering up with them and they make your Ranked games less stressful than they normally are. Much like Graves and Twisted Fate, you will probably notice this when you find yourself neck deep in enemy territory, trying to get yourself executed before any of the enemies catch you, while your duo partner laughs and jokingly chides you for overextending yet again.