Pro Tips: Taking Down Toxicity
BY GG Aika - August 01, 2015

“Welcome to Summoner’s Rift!”

That familiar announcer voice chimes in the moment your game starts. The greenery looks crisp, the dragon is slumbering, and the inhibitors are buzzing. You start prancing to your lane, breathing in the fresh feel of a new game when, out of nowhere, someone starts hurling toxic shrooms in chat. You hit ‘tab’, certain that there was no Teemo on either team during the loading screen, and seek confirmation of this. You made no mistake. So, how come the air has suddenly turned a sickening shade of green?

Relax, dear Summoner. You have just encountered toxicity. It doesn’t leave the best of tastes in your mouth but fret not. Your behind-the-scenes allies are here to help. Sound the sirens because a team has assembled to show you how to take down toxicity and go back to happily taking down your enemies.



“I usually keep quiet because, for me, trash talking is a form of psychological attack that makes the player lose their focus of the game.”


“Disable "All Chat". When All Chat is disabled, it halves the possibility of meeting someone toxic.

Be the bigger man. Even if it's their fault, even if they screwed up, just tell them it's your fault. Tell them you're sorry. They won't fight back if there's nothing fighting over for.”

The Dyr

“"/all glhf" at the start of the game. Best case scenario, you remind both your teammates and your enemies to do it, too, and you have a chill, friendly match. Worst case, you know who to /mute.

Don't fight fire with fire. Players who follow the Summoner's Code win 23% more games. Nothing good happens when you're toxic yourself.

Don't play when you're on tilt. It's gets harder and harder to win the more distracted you are. Likewise, it's easier to be toxic when you've had people be toxic to you in previous games.”

GM KairuX

“Never talk to anyone in the game. Use pings instead.”


“Never play the blame game (no matter how tempting).

Suggest. Don't criticize. If one of your teammates keeps dying, tell them to stay back and let the tanks initiate. Don't call him stupid because he/she is trying to get kills for your team.

Apologize when you make mistakes. Then make up for it, quietly.

Never humiliate another person in team or all chat. Whether this person belongs to your team or not, they might just decide to troll the entire game. And one weak teammate is better than having a troll one.”

GS Neep

“Whenever a toxic guy makes a comment I'll usually respond with something funny/witty. This usually defuses any chance of starting a full on flame war.

Majority of the "toxic" comments are from frustration from the other guy wanting to win the game. Like if someone drops first blood and the other guy starts raging, I'll usually throw in a quick comment along the lines of "Chill, I'll carry you." While I probably won't be carrying (since I play support Kappa), I'd like to think that it helps get everyone refocused on actually playing the game.”

GS Riku

“Change starts within and that's a fact. When everyone is pulling each others' hair out already in the chat box, you're there to calm them down with positivity.

When being positive in chat doesn't work, there's always the method of setting a good example. In other words, ignore and carry.

This way isn't recommended but if the toxicity starts getting too much for you and it's hindering you play no matter how hard you try to ignore, use the "Mute" function. I haven't used mute ever but I've heard a few times that it works. But I recommend this as a last resort.”


If all else fails, use the in-game report tool at the end of the match, whether you won or lost.

In addition, it also helps to bolster your report with evidence in the form of screenshots or maybe even videos. You can then send these and file a more detailed complaint over at the new and improved Tribunal 1.1!


Now, breathe and go on your merry way, Summoners!