Pro Tips: How to Not Die in Summoner's Rift
BY GG Aika - August 05, 2015

We all have an instinct for self-preservation. But somehow, games have dulled this need to survive, at least in the virtual world. How many times have we held back the brakes, chasing a dying foe, only to get sent to the other side by his allies? If we got the kill in spite of it, we hastily type in a triumphant ‘WORTH’. However more often than not, dying is rarely worth it, not in this life nor the next. So, the next time you find yourself respawning at home, what are the things you can do to keep that from happening again?


Learn how to not die in Summoner’s Rift from the souls who have lived to tell their tales:

GM KairuX

“1.) Ward

2.) Ward

3.) Ward

4.) Don't fight unwinnable battles”

Mr. Write

“Don't fight. Run. As the old saying goes:

...sometimes, cowards do... survive’ -Starscream”

GS Sh1n Boo

“If it's Riven. Like me, you can counter her with any champ. The secret is don't allow her to hit you.

No seriously, play on a microscopic perspective. Focus your eyes/screen on to your champ and minimap alone. I kept on telling myself not to get hit by anything, skills, minion hits, or even enemy vision, though instinct gets the best of me. And yes don't fight losing battles. Let them die if need be, ginusto nila yan.

Zephyr Phyrosen

“Avoid the bait, or take it with caution.

If anything, if it looks like you can easily kill them without any effort, it's probably not a good idea to just dive in without a plan. Always ensure that you'll get out alive.”


“Simple. I don't go full-aggro.

Smart positioning. Depending on your role. I let the tanks frontline.

Build accordingly. If the enemy team has a lot of cc, build merc treads. Even if you're an assassin, or adc... This way you don't just rely on your support/teammates to save you. Be self-sustaining.

Have an escape plan. When I tank, I usually make sure I have a way out, like a flash, or my ult, and enough health to go in and out of fights.

Assess the situation. When you know you're not going to win 2v3, just run, especially when you don't have back up on the way. Discretion is the better part of valor. Know when to back off.

Never tower dive. And at the same time, don't try to save a dying turret.

If you're losing a lane, wait for ganks. Stay in turret range. Ward. CS for gold to get gold/item advantage.

Don't chase. Not every opportunity is a good opportunity.”


“Do not overextend your lane during the early phase of the game. You'll never know when the enemy jungler might visit your lane and initiate a gank.

Always plant sentry or vision wards whenever you can.

The moment you notice that some players of the opposing team are missing, always assume that they are on their way to gank and proceed with caution.

Most of the time, recklessness isn't a great tactic that you'd want to rely on. However, there are instances that being reckless is worth it (ex: dragon/baron steal). The point is: make sure that every risk you take will be a huge contribution to your team even if it kills you (in-game).”

GS Amplifire

“Think and be aware. You are 1v1 at mid. Your opponent has an earlier power spike. You fight. You die. THINK. You facecheck a bush. You die. THINK. Enemy team is getting dragon. They have a wombo combo. Your team can't team fight and is behind. You get aced. THINK.

You are pushing your lane. You suddenly get ganked. BE AWARE. For all you know, nagpiping na pala team mo na missing, fall back, or nag-appear ang opponent sa minimap at hindi mo lang nakita.

If you keep dying in league, maybe you aren't thinking enough. Maybe you aren't aware. Mechanics aren't everything.”

The Dyr

“As a jungle main, the way I know how not to die is to stay in the jungle and farm until you're strong enough to 1v2.

Otherwise, respect your lane opponent, and always note where the enemy jungler is.

Also, if you're not planning on buying a red trinket, upgrade your yellow trinket into the mini-sightstone. So much utility.”

At the end of the day, don’t be too quick to throw caution to the wind. Fear is not the enemy; it’s what keeps us alive. If your teammate is calling you a coward for not diving in with him, there’s probably a good reason why you’re afraid. Trust us, there will be better ways to gain an advantage. Charging in to prove a point is not one of them. Thus, instead of blindly shutting your fear out, listen to it. What are the measures you could take to minimize this feeling? Plan around this and be patient. When you start to feel strong, that’s when you strike.

If you still died, don’t sweat it. Just try not to do it again, okay?