eSports 101: Meet the Movers
BY GG Aika - September 10, 2015

From the humble local tournaments to the grandiose world championships, these shows would be nothing without the people who make it happen. Meet the various personas who work to move eSports a little bit further each day.

Pro Teams and Players

They are the stars of eSports who bring all the gamers to the yard with their superior mechanical skills, strategic edge, and sick outplays. The pro players we know and love play their hearts out on the Rift and inspire us to continuously improve in our own games. They are the pinnacle we aspire to reach and eventually get ahead of.

Examples: Mineski.Globe (PGS), Counter Logic Gaming (NA LCS), SKT T1 Faker (LCK)


Like any respectable sports team, players need a guide who enables them to be their best selves in each game. Depending on the preferred coaching style, the team looks to their coach for the things they need that they themselves cannot provide. These may be in the form of a final decision-making authority, a catalyst that leads them to make the best choices, or a backseat driver who cultivates talent with freedom.

Examples: Fnatic’s Deilor (EU LCS), EDward Gaming’s Aaron (LPL)


These guys are everywhere so it comes as no surprise that they are valued in as big an industry as gaming as well. They coordinate with the various organizations in eSports all to bring their team into the limelight. They look after them and make sure that they have what they need and more to play in top form.

Examples: Imperium Pro Team’s Raph (PGS), Oblation eSports’ Veere (LCL)


Every team needs a brain whose primary role is to consider all the relevant factors to victory and formulate the route with the best chances of reaching the end goal. They study the meta, the scene, their rivals, and more. They make sure that their team doesn’t charge blindly into battle and is instead equipped with the best intel they can provide.

Oh, and a fun fact, they even study whether certain players prefer to dodge skillshots to the left or to the right!

Examples: Cloud 9’s Charlie (NA LCS), MonteCristo (Korean Hype Train)


The voices and faces that add spice to every broadcasted eSports game, your shoutcasters are here to keep you up to speed on the most important points, be it through analysis or play-by-play. They tell the stories that make the leagues more than just a bunch of custom games strung together. Every single one of them brings a different flavor to the experience so that viewers are ensured a quality show no matter what.

Examples: GS Riku, GS Sh1n Boo, GS Amplifire, GS Asurai, GS Neep, GM KairuX, Riot Phreak (NA LCS), Riot Quickshot (EU LCS), Froskurinn (LPL)

eSports Organizations

Unlike chimes and spires, eSports tournaments don’t simply pop up like mushrooms all over the country on their own. There are organizations who endeavor to move the industry to the forefront and engage the community. They create the links among all the stakeholders of the competitive scene and do what they can to keep all parties happy.

Examples: Garena eSports, LoL eSports


All of these wonderful things mentioned above wouldn’t be possible without the necessary resources to run them. The generosity of the various corporations that believe in the power of eSports is one of the strongest forces that keep us delivering. Much like the rest of us, they trust in the future of competitive gaming.

Examples: GameX, TaskUs PH, Booster C Energy Shot


The moment all the magic comes together, the final mover comes forth - the fans. You and everyone else who comes back to watch, to play, or to study eSports are the ultimate pieces that keep the gears of competitive gaming running and right on track. Regardless of how fast the progress, you are always at the back of the mind of every mover, inspiring them to reach even greater heights with each rising sun. Take pride in your passion for the scene and boldly share it!