Pro Gaming Series 2016
BY eSports Team - October 23, 2015

Pro Gaming Series 2016 Teams Preview

Before we enter the new season of the PGS 2016 Spring Split, let’s take a step back and rewind to some of the best moments of last split’s Pro Gaming Series!

With the new meta drastically evolving (Juggernauts and ADC Kindred Jungle), we’re all really hyped about how the local scene will adapt through all the current and upcoming patches. If you guys remember, the only time we’ve witnessed the balanced Juggernaut updates was at the PGS 2016 Spring Split Promotionals. We’ve only seen a few teams dish it out but next month, we’ll get to see everyone in action again!

Previously focusing on “Strategic Diversity”, this split will be extra exciting not only because of the new teams and extreme roster adjustments, but also because of the pre-season and Season 6 changes!

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