Shoutcaster Hunt!
BY eSports Team - November 05, 2015

You live and breathe League of Legends and eSports.

We don’t require you to be part of the Challenger or Master tier. You just need to know the game and you have to know it well. Memorizing champion abilities just won’t cut it. You need to dig deeper than that. You need to understand and analyze gameplays, rotations, mechanics, and micro and macro management. These you need to recognize in real time, while a 1v1 happens up top and a simultaneous gank draws first blood down bottom. And yes, you are godlike in lingo and legendary in delivery.

You know your GPL from your PGS. You can spot Exo from Poysanity and the entire hullabaloo in between. You follow the eSports scene like a Miami Heat fan follows the NBA. You not only love the game but you also respect the professionals who are legendary in playing it.

You think, speak, and write like a true summoner.

You have those power words in your arsenal. You know kill is different from slaughter, ahead is different from snowball, and deny is different from total shutdown. You just have a way with words, be it Filipino or English, written or spoken. And at the very core, it is your ss.

You are a charmer on-air. You cast a captivating energy and spammed that aura like an AoE spell. Basically, you are infectious no matter what shoutcasting style you wield. And you’re not just OP. You can be comfortable solo-ing up top but you thrive in team plays. You know when to carry, you know when to support. You feed off that synergy with your fellow shoutcaster similar to a well-oiled ADC and support bond. And if you look good in a Garena jacket, that’s definitely a plus.

You are available.

You don’t tag this as work, you consider this living the dream. So you can make yourself available and in full battle gear during GPL (Wed/Thu/Fri), PGS (Sat), or LCL (Sun) streaming days, from 5pm to 10pm or from 3pm to 8pm, should you be chosen as a guest Shoutcaster.


1) Click Here to check out the video. This is your raw material. Is it an exciting or a predictable game? Your shoutcasting style will let us know.
2) Imagine you are in the Garena Esports Stream Studio. Put on that headset. It’s showtime. Record yourself as you shoutcast. Limit the video to less than 6 minutes.
3) Upload your video on YouTube with the title Shoutcaster Hunt: (your name).  Make sure to tag it as public.
4) Email the following information to
- Youtube link of your recorded shoutcasting video
- Real name
- G+ UID
- Summoner name
5) Deadline for submission is on November 20, 2015.

Convince us that you indeed have what it takes to be a shoutcaster and this might just be your chance to guest in the GPL, PGS, or LCL livestream for Spring Split 2016.


By submitting your clip, you are agreeing for such material to be used by Garena in eSports-related streams and promotions.
Shoutcast allowance will be provided once invited to guest shoutcast in the livestream.