All-Stars Event: Star-Studded Teams.Crazy Game Modes
BY GS Riku - December 10, 2015

 With the All-Stars Event airing in a few hours, let’s take a quick rundown on why we should all be hyped about the ACE!


Star-Studded Teams

Want to see Madlife and Faker on the same team? Miss having the Rush Hour botlane feels with Aphromoo and Doublelift? Got the cravings of watching your old favorites like Uzi test their skills once again at the rift? It’s all here at the All-Stars Event! Players participating are fan-voted by summoners all over the world to represent each of their regions.

Check out the full roster here: Click me.

Crazy Game Modes 

It’s nice to take a break from the regular Summoner’s Rift 5v5’s once in a while and stretch the pro players’ skills some more with added twists and fun mechanics to the game. Check out the featured game modes at the ACE:

Game Modes:

  • Pick 10 – Fans gets to pick what champion our pro players should play. Maybe Bjergsen with Teemo would be a nice idea. Hmmm. Kidding.
  • Marksman Mode – Blind pick. Strictly only Marksman champions. Tanks Items are forbidden!
  • Assassin Mode – Blink pick. Strictly only Assassin champions. No tank items allowed here too!
  • One for All Mode – Oh, you guys know this too well. Each team will play 5x of one champion. 5 Yasuos will be pretty fun.  HASAGI!
  • All Star All Stars – 5 players from Team Fire and Team Ice will go against each other to represent their element! This mode will follow standard game rules.
  • Tandem Mode – 1 champion will be controlled by 2 players: 1 on the mouse and the other 1 on the keyboard. Whew. They’ll need extra duo synergy with this one.
  • 1 vs 1 Tournament – Winners are determined by whoever gets first kill, gets first 100 CS or gets first turret.



Choose your Element

Witness fan favorites from all regions on the same team fight under their respective elements: Are you one with the Fire or one with the Ice? 

Show your allegiance with the awesome Fire and Ice icons available at the store right now! Wearing the said icons will grant you special graphical effects when you eliminate an enemy. Freeze your enemies to death or burn your opponents into ashes. Try them out! They’re pretty cool. They go on sale until the 17th of December. 

Idea: Wear an Ice icon but use Brand. (Because you’re a rebel.)

Okay! I’m all hyped up now! When and where do I watch?

The All-Stars Event starts tomorrow at 9:00AM in the Philippines from Dec. 11 - Dec. 14 2015. Watch it live in the listed channel below:


For the full All-Stars Event Schedule, refer to this link.

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