And the Winner of the 2015 All-Stars Event is...
BY eSports Team - December 14, 2015

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Congratulations to Team Fire for taking home victory at the 2015 All-Star Event!

At the beginning of Day 4, the score was all tied up at 550 for Team Ice and Team Fire. How did we get there?

Team Ice struck first, with the EU All-Stars taking down NA in the first event of Day 1. The LPL team further enhanced Team Ice's lead in the Pick-10 event, taking down the supportive lineup the LCK All-Stars got stuck with. Then the LPL picked up another 100 points for Team Ice after defeating the LMS All-Stars.  

Team Fire finally got on the board at the end of Day 1 when the LCK All-Stars took down the IWC team. Heading into Day 2, the NA channeled the power of their Korean teammates and defeated the IWC All-Stars, further narrowing the points gap. Team Fire closed the gap completely with their win over Team Ice in Marksmen Mode.

But Ice, having had enough, stepped up and snatched the lead back with the EU LCS All-Stars taking down the LMS. Yet the Korean All-Stars didn't let Ice take the lead for long, evening things back up with a victory over the LPL All-Stars at the end of Day 2. 


Day 3 began with Team Ice once again pulling out ahead with a win against the Koreans in their regional match. With that win, EU earned a 3-0 record and clinched a spot in the Regional Finals. Fire came up big in the next three events, winning One-for-All, Assassin Mode, and the regional game between LMS and IWC. However, NA fell to the LPL All-Stars at the end of Day 3, putting Ice and Fire neck and neck once again.

In the final day of the All-Star Event, Ice took the lead after winning the chaotic Tandem Mode. But it was Team Fire, and ultimately Bjergsen, who reigned supreme at the end of the 1 vs. 1 Tournament. NA All-Stars Doublelift and Bjergsen played against one another in the Finals, after Doublelift took down Froggen in the Semifinals.


In the All-Star All-Stars, Froggen proved that he wasn't on tilt after losing the 1 vs. 1. He came up huge for Team Ice on Lux, going 9/0/8, holding the center the map, and developing a huge lead over Faker's Brand.

In addition, the extreme chase potential from Koro1's Karma, Uzi's Kalista, PYL's Trundle, and Amazing's Kindred made for a deadly combination. With their win, they created a situation where the winner of the EU LCS vs. LCK match would win All-Star 2015 outright. 

The LCK All-Stars shot out of the gate, going up 11-0 in kills against their EU competitors. While Team Ice didn't allow the LCK All-Stars to take a perfect game from them, they weren't able to make up for their early deficit. Game 2, started a bit closer, with the EU LCS keeping up trademark pressure on Faker early on to try to get Froggen ahead, and rampant kills all across the map for both teams. But some great play by LCK down the stretch led to a dominant victory.

"In past All-Star Events, we were playing against other regions," said LCK mid laner Faker, "But this Event, it was fun to team with other regions and play side by side. I want to thank all the fans who cheered for us, and for Team Fire." 

But Team Fire weren't the only winners.

Fenix from Team Liquid won the Play of the Year, as voted for by players! Check out the epic play again, below. 

With Team Fire's win, Diana will be getting a new Fire-themed skin, and the LCK, NA, and LMS regions will get a super IP boost at the start of the 2016 competitive season!

Congrats again to Team Fire, winning with 1075 points!

Thanks for tuning in to the 2015 All-Star Event! If you missed any of the fun, head over to the Lolesports VODs page to catch every game from ASE 2015.