Mineski faces-off Vietnam's Finest -- Boba Marines tonight!
BY eSports Team - January 14, 2016

Here’s another reason to be excited for eSports this 2016! Enter King of SEA: An international League of Legends tournament that features the top teams of several South East Asian countries!

Competition Format

x All matches are Best of 5 with Game 5 going “Blind Pick” mode.

x A winning team is dubbed the “King” and will continue playing until they are defeated and replaced.

x Every rotation will have 1 “Challenger” from each Garena region.


Prize Pool

Each win will grant the team $ 500 so the more games they win, the more reward they get to take home!



Each region will have 2 representatives:

Singapore:  Corvus | Sovereign Black

Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur Hunters | Dulcet Essence

Vietnam: Boba Marines | Full Louis

Thailand: Bangkok Titans | Go To Sleep

Indonesia: Kanaya Gaming | Jakarta Juggernauts

Philippines: Mineski | Imperium Pro Team


A Battle of SEA-premacy: Philippines VS Vietnam!

Show your #puso and #pinoypride support by tuning in later at 6PM to witness Philippine representatives, Mineski – League of Legends, take on Vietnam’s finest, Boba Marines at the Garena eSports Channel!

GG.Sphere, GS Neep and GS Riku will be your shoutcasters for tonight!

Regular streaming of the King of SEA is every Wednesday and Thursday at 6PM onwards.


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