Team Fight Breakdown with Jatt: C9 vs. CLG
BY eSports Team - March 07, 2016

Originally posted at by LEAH 'SPINN' JACKSON


This week on Team Fight Breakdown we're taking a closer look at split-pushing. A great example of a split push focused game was Counter Logic Gaming’s Match of the Week against Cloud9 in Week 7 of the NA LCS. Thirty-six minutes in, Cloud9 had a Baron power play and Darshan was trying to set up a push in the top lane. Therefore, C9's decision was straightforward: Brute force down mid and overpower the other four members of CLG before Darshan could threaten with a split push. Take a look at the breakdown above to get a better understanding of how the fight played out.  



To watch the entire game, head over to the spoiler-free VODs page. For more details on the game, you can also check out the detailed match history

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