Quick Tips: To be or not to be Gold
BY IAm Juggernaut - March 28, 2016

Ranked games, we all know that. When you hear “Rank muna ako” or “Duo tayo?” you tend to get jittery and nervous all of a sudden. You feel your palms getting sweaty, you feel nauseous and your stomach flips all over the place like jelly in a cup. When you get into champion select, you get a really bad team, someone takes your role, another just badmouths everyone, and another just goes AFK and doesn’t communicate with the team. You look up to the LoL gods or Guardians, silently asking them “Why me?” You load in and the toxicity just goes on and on. And you ask yourself “How can I carry this?”

Lucky for you, I got some neat tips and advice that can blast your way past Bronze and Silver, all the way to Gold 5. Some won’t work for everyone so pick your favorite ones and start playing the right way. Now, ask yourself “To be or not to be Gold?”


What do I mean by that? Simple. You don’t have a tank? Pick a tank champion. You don’t have an assassin? Pick an assassin champion. You don’t have a support? Pick a support champion. This simple piece of advice can greatly increase your chances of attaining victory. If, for example, you get Top but you’re last pick -- so you see that all champions selected by your team leans on the squishy side, would you pick Yasou or Darius or maybe Garen? Many people would have went with Yasou, because he can solo kill an entire team but is that what your team needs at the moment? You have to always put your team’s need before your wants. If you let having a 22/5/13 score be much more important than Victory, you might need to rethink playing ranked for the day.


This next advice usually gets ignored by many people, especially with members who tend to get bossy in champion select. If someone spams for you to play a specific champion, you should weigh the options. If you don’t know how to play Malphite, it would be better to not hover over him even if your team wants you to play him. Choose who you actually know instead of champions who are in the meta or if your team commands you to play this specific champion. Playing champions you actually know how to use increases chances of winning because less errors will be committed and chances of a comeback with your main champions are actually possible instead of playing “mainstream” champions.


People tend to forget that LoL is not a game where killing can guarantee you an easy victory, but objectives such as Dragon, Baron, Rift Herald and even Towers can turn the tide in your favor. Why? The objectives in the map grant you better powers, buffs and control over the map. Killing Baron and Dragon grants you buffs increasing you overall pushing power and improving recall, an essential buff not to be forgotten in the late game. Rift Herald provides you with better pushing power and improved recall. Towers, on the other hand, decrease the map control of the enemy in a certain lane, making it safer for you to advance and dangerous for them to stay on that certain lane or area in general.


Many players die during farming or even clashing because of the need to communicate for the following reasons: Someone is missing, an area is dangerous, if they are on their way or if they require assistance in a certain area. Chat kills, as called by Pinoy Summoners, can affect the player greatly and tilt the player or even the entire team. This is why we have pinging in the game. Pinging can send a signal to the entire team which is understood by everybody but doesn’t require the player to stop and type. They only need to use the G button and choose the appropriate ping best suitable to the current situation or to the message wished to be sent. Based on my experience, players who know or use their pings in game results in an increased chance of achieving victory and the team experiences a toxic free game compared to people who choose to type everything down and accidentally dying for it.


While in game or in champion select, mistakes can never be avoided or cancelled out because we aren’t perfect (Hugot nanaman), resulting in a less pleasurable experience. Now, we can’t change the past or the mistakes we committed or even by our team so we need to learn to move one and accept it (Hugot pa, one more) The earlier we let go of a mistake committed, our thinking and playing skills increase because nothing is bothering us in the back of minds. You lost Top to a Riven? Don’t dwell on it, LoL is a game where we can be either victors or losers. Team mate accidentally stole Red? Don’t nag him about it. Nagging a team mate constantly will pressure him and it may result to poor decision making in his part. Jungler missed smite? Don’t trasktalk him and put all the blame on his shoulders. Negativity gets your team nowhere and it only helps the other team as they swipe away victory.


The last one on my list is more of a self-evaluation test instead of game mechanic but it has a huge impact when you play ranked continuously. The moment a game ends, take a 5 minute break and ask yourself the following questions: “Did I do good?” “Was I helpful to my team?” “Did I lack in something?” “Did I play my role well?” “What mistakes did I commit?” and “Is there anything I can do to improve my skills?” It may seem trivial, but asking yourself these questions opens up our inner self and from there, you can prepare yourself for the next game of Ranked. Thoughts that are avoided slowly poison us from within, accepting it kills us but makes us stronger for the next encounter.

These are just a few tips and advices that can pump you up for your next round of Ranked. Now, remember to keep playing, not only for the borders or the season’s end rewards, but for the enjoyment of the game.

Juggernaut, signing off.