Match-Up: Deceiving a Fox - Leblanc VS Ahri
BY IAm Mysto - April 02, 2016

Leblanc and Ahri are one of these champions who have a very high outplay potential due to their mobility skills and high burst but what if these monstrous mages will clash in a lane? How will you stay safe and outplay a champion who also might outplay you? How can you farm efficiently while doing a good poke as playing both roles (as the ahri and as the leblanc). Well, that’s what this article is for, to guide you in such a malevolent laning phase.

Playing as Leblanc:

This lane match up  will be in your favor but never underestimate a raged fox,  you ‘re supposed to dominate this due to your terrific early game  damage output ( Q + W combo).

You should also remember that you should play AGRESSIVELY for you to win this lane and zone her to the bones, for you have the full kit to make her play defensive and miss most of her minions, but beware of their team’s jungler.

What are the things that youre supposed to keep in mind to win this lane?


  • Ahri’s Q:

This skill is mainly her highest damage output in the laning phase. You will have the power to zone her really bad whenever this skill is on cooldown, for she already lost her main source of damage in 7 seconds. Play aggressive and you will most likely win this trade easily like a piece of cake.

  • Ahri’s W:

This skill of her is most likely her poke against you whenever you’ll do a Q+W combo(if she will be able to react swiftly) but you should not worry for she’ll prioritize maxing her Q and by that you’ll be able to outburst her. Another thing is that her W relies on vision, which means that whenever your passive will be  activated there’s a big possibility that she will miss her W and also her R, plus your illusion can also absorb those fox fires.

  • Ahri’s E:

This skillshot must be avoided at any cost for it will give her the opportunity to prompt her E WQ combo which will totally hurt like hell. She will most likely land her E whenever you’ll do your QW combo so you should not make your moves predictable or else she might charm you mid air which will cause your downfall. One more thing is that, whenever you’ll do the Q W combo you should land it on her top so that she will have a hard time charming you.

  • Ahri’s R:

Post-6 is when the real between this two mage will began. For you will have your super harass Q R combo and will also give you double distortion for better dodging and might also offer you double chains. How ever this will also be time when she’ll have more outplay potential for she will have 3 chances to quickly dodge your skill shots while doing damage, and position herself to do her exquisite combo upon you.


Playing as Ahri:

One thing that I can say is that Leblanc will either be heaven for you or a living hell. Some Leblancs are easy to predict that it will be easier for you to land your skillshots accurately. Prediction is  the key for you to win this fight along with dodging her skill shots (specially mid game and post 6).

Ahri has better sustain and farming than Leblanc, so early game  should focus on farming while poking her with the end of your Q.
What are the things that you’re supposed to keep in mind to win this lane?

  • Leblanc’s Q:

This skill of her will mostlikely be the one she will max first for better Q+W combo. So whenever she’ll cast her Q over you make sure to back off slightly so that you’ll not be hit by her W which will proc some extra damage.

  • Leblanc’s W:

Her Q+W combo is what you should be alerted of, position yourself as much as possible wherein you will be able to charm her mid-air. However, some good leblanc will W at your back or at your top so that it’ll be harded for you to land your charm and will also give her a good opportunity to land her E.

  • Leblanc’s E:

In early game (specifically pre-6), if you will be hit by this skill and get snared you will mostlikely die, so as much as possible stay behind your minion.

  • Leblanc’s R:

With this skill of her she can totally poke and outplay you really bad. She will mostlikely poke you initially with QR and burst you later on with her double distortion, but then remember that you have your R so try to fight back whenever she is poking you with QR.


These are all the things that I know in this match up, I hope that atleast you understand something about this match up, IAm Mysto is now signing off. *-*