Surrender at 20 No More - Benefits of Being Positive
BY IAm Blanky - April 03, 2016

“Giving up does not always mean you are weak. Sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go” is NOT the saying you would want to follow when you are playing League of Legends. A single team fight can change the tides of the game and with a positive mind set, coming back from a hopeless game would not look as hard as it already does.

Having played countless games, I know how disheartening it is when everything is not working well for your team which makes giving up a very tempting option. Do not lose hope yet and start spamming FF at 20 in your team’s chatbox. Winning is still very possible and by being positive about it, would definitely increase your chances for that amazing comeback.

Here are some of the benefits of being an optimistic player:

Lesser stress!

Negative thoughts bring forth huge amount of stress to you and your teammates and being stressed in a game is never fun for anybody. Stress would lead to questionable decision-making that leads to more stress. By having a positive attitude not only would you avoid stress but you would still enjoy and have fun in the game regardless of the results. Who said that winning or losing will determine if you have fun or not? (I still prefer winning though)

It creates opportunities!

 A pessimistic player has a clouded mind that will, at most times, would make bad calls and bad decisions. By playing with a positive attitude you would start seeing more opportunities for winning your games. Perhaps you are in a very unfavourable lane match up? Do not start spamming your teammates to come for a gank but instead work with what you currently have and can currently do and  just try to do your best at all times. Sooner or later opportunities would definitely come your way.


It is responsible for winning very satisfying comebacks!

You are at your last game in your series that will determine if you would get promoted or not. It is a do or die game and at the very first minute your teammates got killed from the enemy team invading your jungle. Things start to get out of hand as the enemy team starts snowballing to their power spikes. Your negative thoughts start whispering to you telling you to surrender, to give up since this game is a lost cause but you would not listen. Surrender was not an option luckily your teammates were as optimistic as you are. Like you, they know this game is not yet over that there is still the slim chance of turning this around. With three inhibitors down and enemy champs charging straight to your nexus your team decides to fight back and with amazing calls and a little bit of luck ended winning the teamfight and eliminating all enemies. All of you rushed to the enemy nexus, tanking all those tower shots and trying to do what seemed to be impossible a few minutes back and that is for a comeback to win this game and you did! You won the game and possibly the greatest comeback ever! How fantastic would it be if every series match is like this? Comebacks are only possible if you think that it is possible. This reminds me of the Fanatic vs Ahq game at worlds 2015 where fanatic was down three inhibitors and on the verge of losing but one teamfight gave them the opportunity to win the game. So don’t lose hope if you are behind early on! Always believe that there is a chance of winning the game and you won’t regret it when one day you get that perfect come back.


It will give you friends! Or at least, prevent you from having enemies!

There is no denying the fact that League of Legends is a team game and although individual skills are important, understanding how to play with your teammates is equally important as well. Players who think negatively are often toxic not only to their team but also to their self. Ranging from ranting in the chat box on how bad things are to ultimately giving up suggesting everybody to surrender or going AFK. Negative people are the last people you would want on your team as they can potentially destroy the whole team and its ability to work together. Don’t be that guy! Trust me you would only make yourself unhappy by being a pessimist. On the other hand, a person who tends to think in a positive manner earns more respect from other players. Cooperation would be easy with you, people would follow what you say and most of all with a positive attitude you will for sure earn friends for being the nice person you are.  


Although being a positive thinker would not help you with the technicality of the game it would definitely help you win games and earn respect. I have always believed that our attitude plays a big factor on the results of the things we do and that includes video games as well. Being an optimist will surely bring you success and will make the game more enjoyable. So start thinking positively and maybe you’ll get to experience your own amazing comeback.