Never One Without the Other: The Art of a Duo
BY IAm ChronoBreak - April 15, 2016

Matchmaking in League can be quite hard for lone wolves so what's the solution? Get a duo! But how are you going to carry games if you don't use your personal connection to one of your teammates? Well, I'm here today to share some of the most successful champions to use for duos! I'm aware that some of these champions can synergize well with other different champions so I'm limiting this list to one partner per champion with their win rates in different regions*. Bawal mangaliwa! Magagalit si Kalista! And speaking of Kalista…

(Kalista and Thresh/ 51.06% win rate)

If the two matching skin themes (Bloodmoon and Championship) didn't give it away, this duo was a match made in heaven. Some people might think that Kalista might be better off with a Malphite or Alistar because of the chain CC of knockups but Thresh has a lot more to offer for the angry spear lady. Kalista's ult can easily set up a crippling slow trap with Thresh's "The Box" and even follow it up with a flay or hook. When things get a bit tight, Thresh can also be flung to safety so he can throw his lantern back to Kalista and yank her out of the fight. A little neat trick with Kalista is also her W's passive where when a marked minion is killed by her Oathsworned ally with one final hit, a Relic shield-like effect will happen where the gold is automatically credited to Kalista. 

(Braum and Kog’Maw / 58.49% win rate)

It was quite tempting to put Braum with Draven because of their fabulous facial hair but I guess we'll stick with the void’s hungry monster. Sitting at a 57%, Kog’Maw as a champion is currently a beast in solo queue. His hyper carrying in the late game can be quite notorious if he’s left untouched even just for a couple seconds during a fight. Landing a single Winter’s bite in the mid to late game will always also end up with a stun with Kog’s W in less than a second. Professional teams would also sometimes build compositions around a Kog’Maw and Braum is one of those champions that fits in because of how efficiently he can reposition and set up the battlefield with Glacial Fissure for his marksman to rain down hell on the enemy team.

(Ekko [48.77% - 56.3% win rate]** and Rek'Sai [50.99% - 55.11% win rate]**)


No this one not a biased just because I main Ekko, ok? LCS fans should recognize this combo from Huni and Reignover since this two are some of their favorite champs. Though Ekko in the late game can set up fights with Parallel Convergence it can be quite tricky since the skill takes a lot of time to wind up. This is where Rek'Sai comes to fill the "void" *wink* *wink*. She can even come in from unexpected gank spots to follow-up and unburrow to disrupt the target (or targets) to stay inside the stun radius. This chain of CC can be game-changing in teamfights when executed well since a Tank and Assassin lurking around the enemy team's main carry will already be enough to make then think twice before walking into an unwarded place in the map. Some might question my decision to put Rek'Sai on this duo with Ekko but their overall mobility and roaming potential makes carrying games much more impactful.

VayNa (Vayne and Janna)

Vayne is one of those marksmen that can fit in with almost every support but Janna has to be the best one for her. The peel queen just opens so many opportunities for Vayne to make plays. Janna's tornadoes can disrupt the enemy marksman in trades, her W's passive can increase Vayne's mobility, her shield also give additional AD and Monsoon can reset teamfights with a push of a button. This duo is not meant to make easy condemns to a wall but to unlock the full potential of a true Vayne main. If you plan to do so, pairing Vayne up with an Alistar or Blitzcrank can do the trick. But I swear this team-up with "knock-back" your enemies away from getting a win

Climbing the ranks is not an easy task and having a partner in crime should make the struggle a lot easier to deal with. But the fact does linger that we are all still human and making a mistake must not be something to fight about, rather you should focus more on finding ways to cope up with the said mistake and move-on. Always remember that it is better to lose LP than a friend.

*Regions include NA, EUNE, EUW, BR and KR in all divisions and ranks within the month of March 2016.
**these winrates are from lowest to highest to all possible lane matchups