Role 101: Who am I?
BY IAm Juggernaut - April 15, 2016

Good Day Summoners! IAm Juggernaut, back again with a new guide for the new players who wish to learn more about the basics. For today’s article, I will be talking about the different roles and what essentials one should know especially for newbies and what champions could start off your journey in the League of Legends. Many newbies play different champions but they have difficulty especially in itemization if they don’t know what role the champion fits best.

There are a total of 5 different roles namely Support (Area of Expertise), Fighter, Tank, Assassin, Marksman and Mage. Each role plays a huge factor in a game of League of Legends and if there is no synergy between the different roles, the team has a lower chance of winning.


The first role is the Support. Supports are champions with a kit which may either has the following: Buffing your team, Debuffing the enemy team, Providing Crowd Control or Peeling for the Carry. Many support champions have many skills to use that can prevent the enemies from reaching their team’s backline and provide utility resulting in a successful clash for their team.
Supports usually go for items with active effects such as Face of the Mountain, Iron Solari and Banner of Command. An essential item that EVERY SUPPORT must have a SIGHTSTONE. No wards on the map results in less control over the different objectives and endangerment of the entire team due to ganks.

A good champion to start off your journey of being a Support is Sona. Sona has a kit with everything you’ll need. She has a passive which increases her damage and has a bonus effect depending on her last used skill. Her Q gives off an aura which increases her team’s damage and damages two nearby enemies. Her W gives off a healing aura surrounding close allies with a shield. Her E provides additional movement speed for either escaping or engaging. And lastly, her R provides a 2 second stun to enemies hit giving her team the chance to either adjust or burst all affected targets (Bonus: Everybody dances, Dance party yeah!)


The next role is the Fighter. Fighters are champions who deal the most physical damage on the team, commonly known as the “AD”. A Fighter’s kit composes of skills which increases their attack damage, attack speed or even critical strikes (Jax and Fiora, I am looking at you two), skills that decrease an enemy’s resistances or even CC the enemy entirely or skills with mobility for engaging or disengaging.

Fighters usually go for items that increases their damage output and chances of survival. A popular item for ADs is Hydra, Trinity Force and Ghostblade. Fighters, during the entire game, should farm up and try as much as possible to destroy the enemy team’s backline or distract the enemy team’s tank from reaching their backline.

A good champion to start off your journey of being a Fighter is Jax and Master Yi. Both champions have great mobility from their Qs which can be used to catch an enemy or put a little more distance between them. Jax’s W which increase his next attack’s damage and his E which dodges all basic attacks and stuns enemies in the vicinity and lastly, his R increases his resistances and every third attack he does has increased damage making him a great dueler. Master Yi, on the other hand, has his W which heals him up and reduces all incoming damage, his E which grants him additional AD or, if activated, make his attacks deal true damage for the next 5 seconds and lastly, his R which increase his attack speed, multiplies his movement speed and granting immunity to slows thrown at him.


Next on the list is the Tank. Tanks aren’t huge on damage but they have high armor and magic resist which they can use to catch all physical and magic damage which was targeted at his team. A Tank’s kit usually composes of skills with Crowd Control or skills that give them bonus armor, magic resist, or health which increases their survivability.

Tanks usually goes for items that increase their armor, magic resist, health and items which damages the enemy team; Aura or Reflect Damage (Sunfire, and Thornmail). Good items for any Tank champion is Sunfire, Spirit Visage, Randuin’s Omen, Sterak’s Gage and Thornmail though any armor or magic resist item can swap depending on the situation.

A good champion to start off your journey of being a Tank is Garen. Garen’s kit helps him a lot in survivability and damage output. His passive is a built-in Warmogs making him nearly impossible to kill early game, His Q provides a silence rendering the Mage useless for a few seconds, His W reduces incoming damage and increases his magic resist and armor for each enemy killed. His E causes him to turn into a Beyblade damaging all enemies surrounding Garen and lastly, His R which is a great executing ability especially if your target is the current Villain.


Next on the list is the Assassin. The Assassins are high mobile champs capable of bursting down or “Deleting” a single target who are usually the Marksman or the Mage. An Assassin’s kit usually composes of skills with either a blink or dash for mobility, skills that destroy an enemy’s resistance and a skill that CCs the specific target (Usually slows, stuns or snares.)

Assassins are all about damage and their items follow this pattern. Assassin build as much damage items as possible and only one slot for a defensive item or if the player is daring, he fills all his inventory with damage and boots. A good build for example would be Ghostblade, BotRk (Blade of the Ruin King), Duskblade of Darktharr and Hydra (Typical Zed and Talon build)

A good champion to start off your journey of being an Assassin is Pantheon. Pantheon’s kit grants him great assassinating power which could help him in dueling as well. His Passive grants him a shield which can block an incoming attack or even a tower shot making it essential to have one up when assassinating somebody, His Q provides ranged damage and can destroy an enemy due to its low cost and cooldown, His W provide a single target CC making escape difficult for the target, His E grants him the ability for his attacks or skills to land a “Killing Blow” (Enemies below 15% HP) and lastly, His R is an AOE damage ability and can also be used for mobility (Escaping and Catching)


Next on the list is the Marksman. The Marksman are ranged champions providing a huge amount of damage but are usually squishy and open to Assassins. A Marksman’s kit usually composes of skills that can further increase their damage or attack speed or skills that can provide mobility for kiting around the enemy team.

Marksman are all about Damage and Survivability. Most Marksman builds compose of Infinity Edge or Essence Reaver, Statikk Shiv or Rapid-fire Cannon, Bloodthirster, Last Whisper and Banshee or Mercurial Scimitar. However, different Marksman such as Vayne, Twitch and Kalista follow a different build path prioritizing Blade of the Ruin King and Runaan’s Hurricane.

A good champion to start off your journey of being a Marksman (or Markswoman) is Caitlyn. Caitlyn’s kit provides her with a lot of damage and CC making kiting easier for her. Her Passive grants her Headshots which critically strike, Her Q is a simple skill shot in a line which can be used for harassing and executing low enemies. Her W provides a bit of CC which allows for better kiting and helps in keeping her lane safe. Her E is also a CC but can double as a mobility skill for she is able to reposition farther from the enemy and lastly, Her R which is a targeted execution ability with a huge range. Caitlyn is a safe pick which can absolutely destroy the enemy team while staying at a safe distance.


Last, but most certainly not the least, is the Mage. Mages are champions who aren’t strong when it comes to attacks but deals immense damage to the enemy team. A Mage’s kit composes of spells with short cooldowns which can burst down the enemy’s backline or damage over time spells.

Mages are all about resource regeneration (Mana or Energy) and Ability Power, increasing their overall burst damage. A few good items for Mages are Morellonomicon, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Zhonya’s Hourglass, Luden’s Echo, and Rod of Ages. However different Mages call for different items so it is entirely up to the summoner what items are needed in which specific situations and against what type of enemy as well.

A good champion to start off your journey of being a Mage is Lux. Lux’s kit provides her with the ability to burst an entire team or to slowly deteriorate the enemy team’s resistances. Her Passive makes her deal additional damage after hitting the enemy with her offensive skills. Her Q is a snare which makes landing her other offensive skills easier. Her W is a shield which can catch some of the heat thrown at her or at her team by the enemy. Her E creates a zone where all enemies are slowed and can be detonated to deal damage and lastly, her R which is huge laser capable of destroying an entire team if placed correctly.

Champions have different roles and different responsibilities to accomplish. My Advice to all new Summoners is to try the week’s rotation of champions to try and figure out where you best fit in. May you be a Tank guiding your team and protecting everybody, a Support healing the team and stunning the enemy, a Fighter dueling damage in the frontline and penetrating the backline, an Assassin bursting down the Marksman for your team, a Marksman dealing tons of damage from the backline and kiting around the enemy team, or a Mage throwing out spells and wrecking mayhem everywhere. Don’t be afraid to choose someone you don’t know and instead, play the game.

Now, go out there and figure out WHO YOU ARE.