Leading the Charge: Garen Crownguard
BY IAm Rixia - April 17, 2016

The “Might of Demacia” refers to a single man who fearlessly plunged himself into countless battles and brought villains to justice. His achievements in the battlefield not only made him become a role model for Demacian soldiers to look up to, but also acknowledged by strong Noxian warriors as a formidable foe. Evildoers better start fearing for their lives because whenever this man makes an appearance in Summoner’s Rift, it’s only a matter of time before they taste Demacia’s own brand of justice.

Garen Crownguard —the paradigm of bravery and honor, is a champion that new players tend to use because of his low difficulty and simple gameplay mechanics. Thanks to the 5.16 Juggernaut patch, Garen’s kit received minor changes that, ironically, made a huge impact on his overall gameplay.

By default, Garen is a champion that works more like a tank due to his high late-game defense and HP. Players can also use Garen as an AD bruiser with at least one defensive item that will increase his survivability during teamfights.


- Health
- Armor
- Magic Resistance

It’s common knowledge to always focus on health, armor, and magic resistance items when playing as any tank-class champion. Tanks should always be the first to engage the enemy when initiating a teamfight, and Garen is no exception. Even without having any AD items or masteries, his DPS from Judgment combined with the Thunderlord’s Decree keystone is enough to make Garen’s opponents cry from the damage they received.


- Attack Damage
- Armor Penetration
- Cooldown Reduction

In contrast to the tank build, this one heavily focuses on giving Garen as much AD as possible. However, defensive items such as Spirit Visage and Thornmail are still necessary for bruiser Garen because he wasn’t designed to be played as a glass-cannon champion in the first place. In this build, Garen is capable of mowing down enemies within seconds just by spinning like a beyblade.


Garen can now pick one out of three possible roles: Top, Support, or Jungle.

Top lane has always been Garen’s default position until League of Legends introduced more champions with a much better skillset than he has. The 5.16 Juggernaut patch saved our beloved Demacian warrior from becoming obsolete compared to the current and future champions as he is now capable of dealing extra damage to the unfortunate enemy branded as the villain.

As a tank-support champion, Garen can be pretty aggressive when harassing their lane opponents. However, his aggressiveness might be his undoing when facing against two ranged champions in the bottom lane. Usually there are champions who are more suited for the support role than Garen, but let me remind you that he’s the “Might of Demacia” for a reason. Believe it or not, he is good at protecting his marksman partner from harm.

Back in the day, Garen was widely known for hiding in the bushes and launch a surprise attack from there. Now, there is a chance of encountering a wild Garen in the jungle area!

This time, Garen must be an AD bruiser in order to become an effective jungler. He’ll have a hard time clearing neutral camps at first, but by the time he gets the warrior enchantment smite upgrade and his first AD item like the Black Cleaver, farming is now a breeze for the Might of Demacia.

“Why can’t he be positioned in the middle lane?” I hear you asking.

Well, the answer to that is pretty obvious. The middle lane is usually the place where mage and assassin-class champions face off against each other. Putting Garen in the middle lane is only feasible if the enemy team’s mid-laner is using a champion who can also be played in the top lane such as Riven, Talon, and Yasuo. So unless you want to challenge yourself by becoming a sitting duck, don’t play as Garen in the middle lane.

Do you agree with everything written here? If not, feel free to leave a comment below. Hopefully this will trigger a healthy discussion about the valiant Garen Crownguard.

This is Rixia, thanks for reading~