Going Off-Meta with Elise
BY IAm Binzz - April 22, 2016

Hey, everybody. Have you ever been so lonely while playing ranked that game upon game, it’s just the good ol’ meta that greets you? Have you ever been so tired of following the LoL status quo that it makes you ask the Urf-niverse, “Is there more to League than just the juke-maniac Vaynes and the penta-hoarding Dariuses?” Well, pout no more. Here’s something that can spice up your climb while still being able to win in an orderly fashion.

Support Elise

Yep, that’s right. The eight-legged terror of the jungle goes down to the bottom lane and puts on her support shoes. Lehends, a challenger-tier player in the Korean server, introduced the idea of Support Elise in the meta back around February. During that time, he spammed Support Elise to the #1 spot in Korea and garnered an impressive 65+ win rate percentage on her. And with no recent patch updates on Elise, she is still arguably viable in this off-meta role.

So, first off, here’s WHY it actually works.

1) Elise, like most jungler-type champions, has a very high base damage. This then allows her to build more defensively while still being able to deal tons of damage to most enemy champions in the early to mid game.

2) Her play-style in the bottom lane is a “kill-lane” similar to that of Thresh and Morgana but with a much quicker pace. Upon reaching level 3 and landing a good Cocoon (a ranged CC like Thresh’s and Morgana’s), she and her AD Carry can practically go all-in and burst an opponent down with her high DPS kit.

3) With the subtle emergence of assassins in the current meta (and their astounding priority in the low elo neighborhood), Elise can provide reliable 2-second lockdowns onto heavy backline threats which are enough for her and her allies to follow up and execute the perpetrator.

Next, let’s see HOW it works.

1) For runes and masteries, Elise should lean more on the burst and roam capabilities brought by her kit. A typical 0/18/12 Thunderlord’s Decree composition like the one below works well by giving her lane better kill security as well as boosting her movement speed for more efficient roams.

(From )  

For the runes, it’s mostly just standard and flexible except for the movement speed Quints. I suggest (and Lehends, as well) using three movement speed Quints in order to maximize Elise’s great roaming capability with her Spider Form.

(from )

2) Elise’s itemization as a support is just a typical tank’s build. Here’s an example:

The starting support item of choice is the Relic Shield. Yes, you may opt to get Spellthief’s Edge for the extra damage and mana regeneration early on. But the thing is, sustain is much more practical for you and your AD Carry when things don’t go so well in your early trades with the enemy bot lane.

Next is to rush either Boots of Swiftness or Sightstone. If you get an early advantage in your lane, go for the boots. If you can’t, go for the wards instead. An early Boots of Swiftness sets you up for nearly-unsuspected ganks in the mid lane, and later on, counter-jungling with your allied jungler. The second of the two items should immediately succeed the other with the Sightstone upgraded into an Eye of the Equinox thereafter.

3) Now, to the gist of things – team fights. As a tank support, Elise can perform either of two courses of actions in a team fight.
The first is to peel for your team’s backline carries. As stated above, Elise works well with deep-diving assassins. Just make sure to have a max-level Cocoon ready to cast, and the moment that you land a catch, the assassin will regret even trying to do a “Faker”. Do take note that even though this works well with assassins, it doesn’t on tanks. And with the current meta of big beefy top-laners, such as Poppy and Nautilus, teleporting and charging into your backlines, you sure as hell will get a headache.

The second, and honestly the better course of action, is to do what she does best – deep diving. With her tankiness, Elise can go onto the frontline and take the hits. As soon as you see an opportunity, either by landing a beautiful Cocoon or whatever your team did, you can dive down to the enemy carries and rain chaos on them. Upon dealing as much damage as you can and hard-shifting enemy aggro to you, you can just Rappel away to safety while her team follows up on the disarray that you have caused.

Well, that’s basically all there is to it. Support Elise can be quite a challenge since she has a very high mastery curve to begin with (even as a jungler). But nevertheless, she is viable and, more importantly, a breath of fresh air in the bottom lane for you die-hard supports. So log in your clients, queue up, and give Support Elise a try.

That’s all for now. League on and prosper.