Rotating Game Modes - All Year Round!
BY IAm MekLord - April 25, 2016

Wanted more after last April Fools when you saw those annoying big Draven faces all over the map instead of your expected URF Game Mode?

Worry no more, because you will be seeing URF for at least twice this year with the new Rotating Game Mode (RGM)!
Starting April 8, summoners will now enjoy playing different game modes with each of these modes playable for three days, specifically Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, which are the days when more people play League.

Already forgotten the game modes? Let’s have a recap!

Ultra Rapid Fire (URF)

Your most remarkable game mode in the League. Just like your ordinary game in Summoner’s Rift, but… all champions were buffed to have 80% CDR, no mana and energy costs, x5 gold production, TONS of health, and MS and AS buff, among others. You can level up to Lv. 30 and you will deal TONS OF DAMAGE in a split second!


Played at the Crystal Scar map, 5v5, win the game when your team reaches 200 points first. Be an Ascended when you kill the Ancient Ascendant Xerath in the map’s center, earn 5 points, and gain that tremendous Ascension Buff. Kill your enemies and gain 1 point, 2 points if ascended got the kill and 5 points when you kill the Ascended. Capturing Relics of Shurima scattered in the map will give you 3 points each, three relics to be captured.

Black Market Brawlers

Played in the Summoner’s Rift as 5v5, BMB is also just your ordinary match but… you have an additional currency called Kraken, earn 2 for a champion kill or 1 for every minute, champion assist, BR/DR/RH takedowns, or enemy Blue or Red jungle camp takedown. Use these Krakens to buy and a Brawler, a monster with different skills, which will join your minions in pushing your lanes. There are also special items that can only be bought and used, tagged as the Black Market items, which are located in a separate tab in the store.

Doom Bots (of Doom)

Also played in Summoner’s Rift, set in Coop vs. AI mode. Don’t belittle these AI champs because they are so extremely mutated and buffed just to kill you. All enemy AI champs have buffed abilities, e.g. farther range, more directions to hit, and higher damage. Just imagine Lux having her ultimate in 12 directions at once. It is also playable in three increasing difficulties, having two OP passives on one enemy champion at the third level.


Formerly played beta in Summoner’s Rift, it is now set in the Twisted Treeline map. This Treeline map is originally fixed just for three summoners per team, but in the Hexakill game mode, it’s adjusted to six players per team. Fight your way to victory and pursue to score the almost-impossible kill succession streak named after this game mode, HEXAKILL! Be sure to get that Hexa before it ends because you can only get that with this game mode!

Nemesis Draft

A Summoner’s Rift Draft Pick match with three bans on every team. But the twist is, you will pick the champion that your opponent will play and you’ll play the champion picked by your opponent! So better pick a difficult champion!

One For All

 A 5v5 Summoner’s Rift Draft Pick match. Just like an ordinary game, but… the champion you will be playing will also be played by your teammates! Ban like a normal draft pick, and vote for your champion of choice. Whoever champion that will get the majority (3 votes) will be your team’s champion, but in case of a tie, a random champ from the voted champions will be picked and played. Some champions were adjusted in this game mode because of their ability interactions.

One For All: Mirror Mode

Same 5v5 just like the other one, but now set in the Howling Abyss and all players from opposing teams will play just one champion. Vote for your champion of choice and if it gets majority (6 votes), then the usable champion will be settled. In case of not reaching majority, a champion randomly picked from the voted champions pool will be declared as the usable champ. Play like a dodgeball game - Syndra edtion and many more!

Snowdown Showdown

Set in the Howling Abyss, you’ve seen it probably in the LoL All-Star games. You can play it 1v1 or a 2v2. Win in the 1v1 when you draw first blood, reach the 100 CS mark first, or destroy the turret first, whichever comes first among the three. Play a 2v2 with your buddy and win when you got two kills combined, or 100 CS combined, whichever comes first.

Legend of the Poro King

Also set in the Howling Abyss, just like your ordinary match in this map, but… you can spawn the Poro King! Hit 10 poros to your opponents and you’ll spawn the Poro King immediately to help you push the lone lane and take down turrets. Summoner spells were also disabled and only two specialized spells can be used. Press Poro Toss to throw a skill shot poro to the opponent, and if you hit an opponent, press again to Poro Dash to them. To the King! is the other one, only usable when Poro King is summoned on your team. Quickly dash to Poro King from wherever you are when you press this spell.

Rotating Game Mode kicked off with a bang by reviving the retired Crystal Scar map to enable the Ascension Mode with updated visuals and Legend of the Poro King followed after. Even though it will be just up for three days, it will make sure that every summoner can play all of the game modes the League has made. Contrary to the past that each of the game modes only occur for once a year for 1 to 2 weeks.

With the new RGM system, it will be ensured that every game mode will appear for at least two weekends per year, making every weekend to have a unique League gaming experience.

Also, even though playing a champion on a these game modes can also earn you Champion Mastery, the LoL team is working to have a different Champion Mastery point ladder for every game mode to ensure pure mastery. So better watch out!
Be sure to check Garena LoL PH page to be updated on the game modes that will be activated in the coming weekends.

Happy playing!