Details for the League of Legends - IEM XI World Championship
BY eSports Team - January 11, 2017

In a little over a month, the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Season XI reaches its finale, and details about one of the most exciting tournaments are already out. IEM World Championship will return to Katowice, Poland, in Spodek Arena, from February 25-26, 2017.

Tournament Format:

The first group stage matches will be played backstage on February 22-23. We will move to the Spodek arena on Saturday, February 25th with the final matches of the group stage which will determine who will continue in the playoffs. On Sunday, February 26th, the arena will host the semifinals and grand final.


Prize Pool Distribution:

First place:$70,000

Second place:$30,000

Third/fourth place:$15,000

Fifth/sixth place: $7,000

Seventh/eighth place: $3,000


Get ready to witness exciting games between world-class League of Legends teams. This is an event that you should not miss!