LCL Week 1 Recap: Homecoming
BY eSports Team - February 21, 2017

LoL Collegiate League 2017 Spring opens with a bang… and then some.

Last season’s defending champions and undefeated teams from the qualifiers set the the bar high as they start this season with explosive and exciting games.

TIP proved that poke compositions are very viable especially against opponents with very few initiation tools. Despite CDSL Sponchi’s ability to assassinate a single target, wasting his Thrill of the Hunt several times let TIP completely run the show. And with TIP Doux’ 10/0/3 score on Corki, TIP showed CDSL why their school won last season.

After losing their first match, CDSL was quick to regain their composure and get their heads back into the game. Despite NEU Haven miraculously stealing a Baron, CDSL was still able to close the game thanks to CDSL Kanako’s Nautilus. He was able to take a ton of damage while dealing a ton of damage himself. In the end of the game, he racked up the most kills with a final score of 11/2/5.

Both teams played by the book but UPD came out on top thanks to their ability to capitalize on the smallest advantage they could take. With rookie ADC Jules showing lackluster performance and missing a number of crucial Chain of Corruptions, UPD was able to win several clashes and eventually win the game. They continue their winning streak from the qualifiers into the regular season whilst ending ADMU’s momentum and giving them their first loss.

The games between NEU-JRU, JRU-ADMU, and UPD-TIP had to be rescheduled due to unforeseen technical difficulties.

With LoL Collegiate League 2017 Spring in full swing, we’re sure to see more action, more funny moments and more amazing plays.

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