LCL Week 2 Recap: Reclamation
BY eSports Team - February 27, 2017

Week 2 of the LCL 2017 Spring had star teams OLFU and UPLB fighting it out in the South Conference Opening. But it wasn't just their games that shined, quite the opposite actually happened for one of them.

Here's what went down down South. Are you ready to be blown away?

Trinity Force Corki reigns supreme! Despite some head-scratching moments, MCL Jani’s consistent damage and the rest of his team’s very defensive itemization enabled MCL to disrupt the battle lines of DLSUD.

They closed the game with a very impressive tower dive and MCL Jani’s Pentakill was just the cherry on top.

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AMA surprised us all with a second pick jungle Yasuo but the results weren’t at all surprising. That careless pick only made DLSUD level their standings into a 1-1.

With a 6-19 score and 16k gold difference by the end of the 24-minute game, DLSUD clearly showed that they have the tenacity to recollect themselves after a loss in their previous match.

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Who actually has a rank 7 Mastery on Bard? MCL Big Bardie does. And he makes sure he showed it against BU as he repeatedly foiled BU’s ideal team fight scenario of a combined Malphite and Miss Fortune ultimate. Thanks to Big Bardie’s excellent use of his namesake champion’s skills, it enabled his team to reposition well and, ultimately, finish the game with a 30-18 score.

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Not much was expected of BU in this match-up but the unexpected did happen. BU Reyn’s nimble mastery of Kennen scrambled UPLB’s forces. BU Franncheese on his Janna helped fend off the return of aggression.  It was UPLB Dash’ excellent Flash-Flay-The Box all-in move that exposed BU Franncheese’s inconsistency in timing Janna’s Monsoon. With BU Discrepancy missing Varus’ Chains of Corruption, UPLB Daigo’s Darius was able to just walk in and decimate BU with very little resistance.

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OLFU’s lineup and items were a bit questionable in this game as they opted for a glass cannon Varus-Miss Fortune bot lane against a team with a Zed and a Kha’Zix. With both high-value targets taken out of the picture in an instant, OLFU’s remaining members stood little chance against an avenging AMA squad. In fact, AMA Valnyr finished the game with a perfect score of 10/0/4.

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It was an awkward invade turned awkward facecheck turned chaos for UPLB in the first few minutes of the game.

Despite a 3-kill advantage for  OLFU even before the first minions even meet in the lanes, UPLB was able to claw their way back into the game thanks in part to OLFU not using their lead to its fullest. When UPLB was asked about their mindset on how they got back all the way to victory, here’s what UPLB Daigo answered, “Kasi ang kalaban mo tao din, nagkakamali din. You have to set up for that, na kung saan magkakamali sila and then you take advantage of that.”

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This match certainly deserves a more in-depth look and we’ll be breaking it down in another article. Make sure to watch out for that to learn how the pros play from a deficit.

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