LCL Week 3 Recap: Vendetta
BY eSports Team - March 06, 2017

Week 3 of the LCL 2017 Spring saw last season’s top seeds, UST and UE, duel in The Rift for their first win in the conference. How did the best teams lose?

Here’s how wild the West’s games went.

After staining ADU’s almost-perfect record in the qualifiers, ADU has finally gotten their revenge against UCC.

With ADU Simoun catching up against UCC Leonardo’s Varus, his late game critical damage enabled him to set an endgame score of 11/1/4. And then after a failed dragon-then-straight-to-Baron play by UCC that cost them the game, ADU secures the win and delivers their vengeance to UCC.

Click here for the full replay of the game.

TUP and ADU has never met each other in The Rift and their first dance was beautiful.

At first, it constantly went back and forth but TUP prevailed in the end after they prevented and punished ADU’s pincer attack. TUP Acedia’s Trundle was able to single-handedly club ADU JiSi’s Syndra to submission, significantly reducing the damage the ADU squad could inflict in the clash. After that, ADU was firmly in control and they eventually won the game.

Click here for the full replay of the game.

Which is stronger: the Baron or the Elder Dragon buff?

UST, last season’s top seed, goes against FEU-IT, a very aggressive team, and the intense game was decided when the two teams chose one of the two buffs. UST took the Elder while FEU-IT took the Baron and, in the end, FEU-IT took the game.

Click here for the full replay of the game.

In a battle between last season’s top seeds, UST shows UE that they are still the better team.

Despite having two new members as the main damage dealers, UST Cera and UST Ase proves that they can fulfill their roles and then some. Cera goes 9/1/2 while Ase, despite not scoring a kill, dealt more damage than his counterpart.

Click here for the full replay of the game.

FEU-IT and UCC each got a free win as TUP and UE forfeited their matches.

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