LCL Week 5 Recap: Control
BY eSports Team - March 21, 2017

North Luzon’s power is distributed over a large swath of land and with teams vying for control over the conference, Week 5 was filled with impressive, aggressive and, sometimes, funny plays.

Which team will represent North Luzon? Which squad will be in control?

Don't have the time to watch all the matches or read the recap? We've got you covered! Here are the highlights of Week 5 of the LCL 2017 Spring Term.

LCL rookies BulSU Golden Gears, diminishes SMU’s forces for Game 1. The organized team from Bulacan secured early kills with BulSu Ralp’s Nami’s on-point Aqua Prison. Three Cloud Drakes just made their goal for gold a lot faster as they breezed through SMU’s defenses. Coupled with BulSu Blanc’s Sivir’s On the Hunt speed boost, the SMU squad had nowhere to run or hide.

Click here for the full replay of the game.

SLU, LCL Spring 2016 Top 4, meets UC, their sister school, once again.

Both teams centered their damage on their ADCs but SLU Legolas on Ashe proved a bigger threat with his Enchanted Crystal Arrow consistently hitting its mark. With a ton of follow-up damage from Graves and Poppy keeping his team’s backline safe, SLU proves that they still are the better team.

Click here for the full replay of the game.

In a 28-minute game, the students from Pampanga’s Holy Angel University punished BulSu’s early mistakes and slowly took control of the game. With HAU Drin’s Renekton and HAU Van’s Rek’Sai able to take and dish out a ton of damage in the front line, BULSU’s battle lines fell apart and they never had the chance to deal sufficient damage to the opposing team.

Click here for the full replay of the game.

UC, fresh from a defeat, recollected themselves to fight the youngest squad in the LCL, UCNHS.

UC’s lineup relied on early kills to win the game and UCNHS Yals seemed more than happy to give it to them. Despite brilliant plays and outplays by UCNHS Ochiworm, UC was able to win the game and redeem themselves.

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Do you still remember the transitive property of inequality? If A > B and B > C, then A > C?

In Game 1, SMU lost to Bulsu and then HAU won over BulSu in Game 3. The transitive property of inequality doesn’t always hold true in the LCL but here it did. At the 15-minute mark, HAU had a massive lead over SMU: a 5-kill, 6k gold lead to be exact. SMU’s wave clear helped them survive a bit longer but the loss wasn’t a question of ‘if’, it was merely a question of ‘when’.

The young UCNHS squad goes against SLU, arguably the strongest team in the North Luzon conference.

Surprisingly, UCNHS was able to hold their own… until SLU Vince’ Fiora was unleashed from the top lane. Fearlessly lunging into the UCNHS squad, Vince was just wreaking havoc and forcing UCNHS to play reactively. In the end, Vince proved unstoppable and UCNHS learned the hard way to never ever give Vince his Fiora.

Click here for the full replay of the game.

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