Rally Point Tournament
BY eSports Team - May 22, 2017

Attention Troopers!


Is your trigger-finger itching for another challenge? Don’t fret, gear up and take aim as we rendezvous to the next Rally Point, the newest challenge in the Point Blank PH Competitive scene!


Rally Point is an on ground 32-team single elimination tournaments to be held in select areas across the country. Here, teams will go head to head to take out all opposing teams for the prizes and the top spot.


Game Point Blank
Game Format 5 vs. 5 Bomb Mission (mode)
No. of Rounds 3 Rounds
Each Round Time 3 minutes
No. of Matches 2 Matches

Team preparing to move out to the Rally Point must first meet these requirements:


  • There is registration fee of PHP 150 per team (ask the cafe for more details).
  • Team must have five (5) members and must have a valid Point Blank account.
  • Active Point Blank accounts are required in order for a registered player to participate.
  • Players must agree to follow the rules and regulations found here:


  • Players are not allowed to use the Following items; Water Bomb, WP Smoke, WP Smoke plus,, HK-69 , GL-06, M14 SR-16 FC, AK-47 F.C, SCAR-L F.C, Famas G2 M203, K-201 Ext
  • Only a maximum of 4 identical weapons are allowed in the game. Skinned or unskinned weapons counts as one. Ex. AUG A3 D or AUG A3 inferno is the same.
  • A maximum of 1 sniper rifle is allowed to be used in a team.
  • Players are not allowed to swap weapons with their teammates at the start of the game
  • Players are allowed to pick up the weapons of a dead teammate or opponent.
  • Only one player is allowed to carry a C-5 Q
  • Players are allowed to use any parts as long as long as it can be used
  • Players are allowed to use any functionality items that is currently available in the
    • In Game shop
  • Players are allowed to use any skin as long as it can be used

Those who manage to beat and outclass the competition will be rewarded greatly for their service:


Place     Cash Prize   
     Merch    In-Game Items
Champion 2000 T-Shirt + Ballers 7D G Esport Weaon
2nd Place 1000 Ballers 5D G Esport Weaon
3rd to 4th Place 500 Ballers 3D G Esport Weaon
5th to 8th Place
  Ballers  G Esport Weaon
Consolation      G Esport Weaon


Interested in enlisting? Check out the PB Tournament Listing to see if there are any Rally Points near you! Over and Out!