Piltover’s Finest Tournament is the highest level of open tournament in the Philippines and also serves as the qualifier for the Pro Gaming Series (teams from current PGS split are not allowed to join). Each year, there would be two splits, each running for three consecutive months of onground and online tournament legs.

For the purpose of providing nationwide coverage to all aspiring summoners, there would be up to 5 onground legs and an online leg per month for each of the 5 categorized regions, namely: North and Central Luzon, National Capital Region, South Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao

Top 8 teams for each and every onground and/or online instances will be rewarded with points that is accumulated per split as basis for teams who will qualify for the Piltover's Finest Playoffs

Aside from the chance to qualify for the PGS, great prizes await those who make it to the top:

  Onground Legs Online Legs
  Cash Merchandise In-game items Cash In-game items
Champion PHP 2,500 5 shirts + 5 ballers 1000 RP per player PHP 2,500 1000 RP per player
2nd Place PHP 1,500 5 ballers 500 RP per player PHP 1,500 500 RP per player
3rd Place PHP 500 5 ballers 250 RP per player PHP 500 250 RP per player
4th Place PHP 500 5 ballers 250 RP per player PHP 500 250 RP per player
5th to 8th Place     150 RP per player   150 RP per player

For the full tournament mechanics, CLICK HERE